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Which sauna type should I choose?

If you are still doubting about purchasing an outdoor sauna, and are afraid of the maintenance, this short post will help you to decide and show how easy it may be. Proper maintenance of the sauna will keep the environment clean, prevent bacteria from growing, and give a great experience every time it is used.

No big decision is taken without preparation and time spent looking for the best offer. Outdoor sauna is not an everyday purchase, therefore a lot of things have to be taken into consideration, and the price is one of them. In order to help you understand the prices going on the market right now, the beginning of 2018, we decided to do a little comparison of the most similar product that we found -outdoor barrel sauna. Take a look at this table, and let’s discuss it below.

Looking for the perfect sunken hot tub for your deck, patio or terrace? Look no further!

If you have decided to go for an outdoor sauna, a firm foundation is an essential thing to consider. Think of a suitable area in your garden, this will help you to decide on the size of the sauna. Please note that base should be a little bigger than the sauna itself. Therefore, much thought should always go into properly preparing the foundation for your outdoor sauna. If your foundation is not suitable, there’s always the chance for cracks and gaps to appear. It must be even and sturdy. Here we will discuss a possible base structure for our saunas with specific examples.

I guess you are looking for an outdoor sauna, am I right? If so, you are in a good place. Let‘s start by analyzing the possibilities that one can choose and you will see that these can confirm everyone’s needs. We have so many different variations that you simply should think what you would like your future sauna to be, and be sure, we will make it. As you might already know, there are four different sauna types we offer, barrel, igloo, rectangular and vertical. There are many things to consider, so let’s discuss them step by step.

The biggest problems that customer mentioned were (1) resin coming from the wood; (2) wood deformation; (3) mold appearance; (4) difficulties constructing the sauna on site.

Comparing hot tub prices on the market

When choosing a heater for your new hot tub, there are many things to consider before taking a decision. Here we will discuss everything in detail to help you understand pros and cons of two different types of heaters: wood-fired heater and electric heater for a hot tub. First of all, think of the heating source that you have a better access to, whether it is wood or electricity. Moreover, in some cases, due to the local regulations fumes are not allowed, therefore do not leave this question the last. So let’s get into the comparison step by step.

A recent survey noted that 7.3 million U.S. hot tubs are currently in operation. While some people installed them to boost the value of their homes, many made the purchase because of the positive benefits hot tubs could deliver for their health. Here are seven of the most important things hot tubs can do to make your life a healthier one.

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