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Friends/family + a steaming hot tub = a wonderful time guaranteed! Though let‘s not forget another integral part of this equation – the surrounding natural environment.

First of all, if you have decided on a terrace model with custom-built terrace, you need to prepare a plan. Take some time to think about technical questions, decide which area is best for your tub, where to place the heater, filter or any other spa equipment. What type of material will be used for decoration is another thing to consider. Look around and decide what would suit your garden best. Maybe everything is decorated with stones and plants and you can cover the sides with it, or you have a wooden terrace where you only need to cut out a circle and place the tub there. But let’s start everything from the beginning.

Have you ever wondered how hot tubs differ from one another depending on wood type?

Choosing a hot tub for the first time: where to begin?

First of all, the inner frame is welded and formed in order to assure the structure of hot tub. The polypropylene used in our hot tubs is extremely durable, environment-friendly and easy to clean. We offer three colors: blue, grey and black. The inner frame could have a double-insulated bottom as well as insulated walls.

Winter is coming! Nothing compares to a steaming bath as the snow falls from the sky during a cold winter’s night. Enjoy this blissful activity all winter long by following our winter hot tub care guide.

Your hand-crafted hot tub or sauna is finished! – what happens then?

Base preparation is something all soon-to-be hot tub owners should consider in advance. Not only does a sturdy base positively affect the longevity of the tub, but also the bathers’ satisfaction. Here is a walk-through the factors which must be considered when planning a base for your hot tub:

To have the most enjoyable experience while bathing and to ensure that the spa runs well for years to come, one must consider cleaning the spa a necessary task. Not to waste valuable water, by changing it frequently, one should consider special water care sets and filters. They keep the tub water clean for extended periods of time, because they purify the tub water by getting rid of slime, organic particles and bacteria.  Let us explore these ways to maintain the water clean in more detail:

It is widely known that wood needs more maintenance compared to fiberglass or polypropylene. That means wooden hot tubs and wooden saunas require more effort to maintain. On the other hand, wooden hot tubs are 100 % natural and traditional.

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